Is my Keiser M3i compatible with TrainerRoad? (Is not listed)

Is my Keiser Mi3 compatible with TrainerRoad

If it broadcast its power (via bluetooth or Ant+) i don’t see why it wouldn’t work

No, it is not.

My workaround is to follow a TR plan with the workouts set for outside. I then print them, mount them on my Keiser media holder, and follow along for 60 or 90 minutes.

The Keiser bike pushes their bluetooth data to the Keiser M3 App which then syncs to Strava which subsequently syncs to TR. So the ride data gets uploaded eventually and you can track TSS and whatever else you want to track. It’s not a perfect system, but it lets me use the very nice indoor bike I already own. :slight_smile:

(Edit: I also did my ramp test on the Keiser M3i bike. But that has to be done on your own, not using the smart controls provided by TR. PM if you want to know the parameters of doing the ramp on the Keiser…)

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Thanks, will try again. Regards. Will give feedback

Can you put some power meter pedals on it?? If so it would work then. At least for power.

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Thanks for the feedback; They had given me a dud Bluetooth converter; have fixed that and now picks up all except HR which I can pick up from my Garmin forerunner series 735 XT.



Nice. To get the hr you can buy a wahoo tickr. O have a garmin hrm tri and a tickr just for bt stuff.

Ah… Didn’t know you have the fancy converter add-on. Unfortunate that it’s needed in the first place.

Have fun using your M3. It’s a really nice and quiet indoor trainer. You can actually hear the TV without pumping up the volume to 11.

Yes it is compatible (I have one and do it) you need a dongle that translates to Bluetooth but you can absolutely do it. The dongle came out about a year ago.


Update…Keiser now has a Bluetooth dongle so it can and does work with Trainer Road (I have this exact setup).


They had their own specific Bluetooth format. However, they now have a converter.

Mimod, not sure how to PM you, but could you please explain the Parameters for doing the TR ramp test on the Keiser M3i.
Thank you, Muggs