Keep going with 6 week SS block or trim to 4?

My HV TR plan spit out a couple 6 week sweet block blocks at me. Since start, last 3 weeks have been riding outside, amounting to more TSS than prescribed, almost 600 in excess at this point (about a week’s worth of trainer rides). I’ve also lifted 2x/week.

My HRV4Training scores have finally started dipping below the green level (8-10). I’ve been sleeping 9-10hr through this, so those scores may have dipped sooner if I wasn’t. It’s OK for it to go below 8, it’s an indicator you’re getting training stress.

According to Golden Cheetah, I’ve packed on 44 in chronic training load from 0 in 3 weeks and I’m at -65 training stress balance.

I’m trying to figure out, do I push through the 6 week block or cut it down to a 4 week block? My HRV suggests I’m still in a fine spot to train if I keep my sleep up. I’ve just never seen myself at -65 TSB, another 2 weeks of this will get me down to like -80. That’s not so terrible I guess since I’ve been getting about 10 back each recovery day, so a week would lift me back up.


Keep going. You should be fine getting to your recovery week, but if you’re feeling crushed before then I would suggest starting the rest week earlier.