Kaldoaivi Ultra trail MTB

I want to do Kaldoaivi in 2021. It’s a 130 km MTB race with quite a lot of climbing by Finnish standards. I’ve watched a lot of the youtube stuff out there, and it doesn’t look super techy, maybe a bit damp at times:

I already used the plan builder for that, although I am a bit worried about burnout with almost two years of structured riding. I think I’m going to allow myself a lot of leeway during the summers and just riding my bikes a lot.

What else should I be doing? Having a good day on the bike is enough of an objective for me, I’m not going to finish in the sharp end of anything. I’m on the slow side of 40 years old.

Looks exciting, and it is an area with beautiful arctic trails. I have never heard of it.
The date for the 2020 is set for 15 April. By my experience it is still winter up there in the middle of April. I was born and raised not that far away from the starting point, and I cannot quite believe that the trails will be ready by then, but I guess the locals know better. The weather can also turn quite nasty at that time of year.

Do you live close by?
Ass a possible alternative you can consider Offroad Finnmark, starting in Alta Norway. They have distances 150, 300 and 700 km and is done in the late of June each year.
Another option for build up can be Skaidi Extreme, also in Norway. I think it is 70 km and is done in late august or early september each year.

It’s actually in October. Would be a different experience in April indeed :slight_smile:
I’ll look into the Offroad Finnmark, thanks for the tip. I live in Southern Finland, so it requires quite a bit of travelling to either location.

Guess I need to start doing all-day stuff just to get experience on what breaks and how.

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