Build your plan for Lutsen 99 mtb race

Hi, I am doing the Lutsen 99er mtb race (100 mile mtb race) at the end of June. I have been doing training indoors already and ready to amp up my training specifically for this event. I am also a roadie and our crit/road racing season starts in April. I live in MN and outdoor training is right around the corner for me. So, my question is what are some ideas of plan builder I could incorporate with both road and mtb? There is just so much to choose from and it’s kinda overwhelming of what to choose the right training plan. Or am I over thinking this and just pick something and hammer it. Thanks.

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I’ll try to answer because I’m from Minnesota and am a little familiar with the race, although I haven’t actually done it, I have friends who have.

What I gather is that it’s a lot like a gravel race, with some single track and sketchy sections. Looking at the profile it doesn’t have any sustained climbs, more punchy stuff, but not too bad.

If it were my my training would revolve around sustained power, but I wouldn’t neglect my VO2max. I would do Sweet Spot Base 1 and 2 and then Sustained Power Build. Speciality-wise I’d be looking at plans that incorporate 1-2 vO2max workouts per week along with some long-duration ( like 3x20 or 2x30) sweet spot workouts to keep that engine in tune. Cross-Country Marathon looks really nice.

The rest would be a mix of easy mileage and some MTB rides for sharpening handling and keeping those systems working.

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Agree on SSB and SPB, but consider the “Century” block for specialty since it is basically a gravel century.

See you at Lutsen :slight_smile:

Since you race crits and MTB I’d suggest General Build. Sustained Power Build has little work much over threshold. This will not prepare you for punchy crits and MTB. GB has a nice mix of sustained efforts and higher efforts. I’ve found for MTB 100s there is little time spent at or near threshold. You tend to be at either high z2/low z3 or well above threshold to get over short steep climbs. This tends to be unavoidable unless your event has numerous long 10+ minute climbs.

What I gathered is that Lutsen 99er is his priority race. Given that, I wouldn’t do General Build. I think it will introduce too much VO2/Anaerobic work too early. I would save that type of work for the Specialty phase (6-8 weeks). This all assumes his timing is on target. If he’s getting a late start then General Build seems like a good option to cram for the exam, if you will.