Kaiser M3 bike data solution?

My local gym has the Kaiser M3 bikes in their spin studio (not the Kaiser M3i)

Has anyone found a way to capture data from the bike into TR, Strava, TP…etc?
I read in another forum that there was a dongle at one time that would transmit once attached, but the only option I am coming up with at the moment are pedal based power meters.

Anyone figured this out?

I am trying to figure out a viable option to train at the gym, which is next to my office and much easier to do during the day.


Nope, you’re completely out of luck. There is no way to export the data on the screen unless you have the M3i. And even then, it only “talks” to two or three apps, none of which are the big name apps like TR, Zwift, etc. The dongle was merely a way to get the M3i to talk to all apps.

I have an M3+ that my buddy rides while I use my smart trainer. We put power meter pedals on it since it lives in my basement. :slight_smile:

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