I've never done Baxter

I’m going to try to go the rest of my life that way. :wink:


@Nate_Pearson is going to need a safe space when he sees this! :laughing:

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I have no idea how people do baxter. if im doing z2 i want to be able to zone out and watch something, so pettit, bald knob etc are so much better for that as its not constantly changing.


Me neither. Every time I look at it I think “nah”.

That being said, I’m sure there are plenty of people who feel the same about my favorite workouts.

Andrews for life!



Wow, it was like the second ever workout I did after I started!


Mood dependent… some days I’m all for long, monotonous, mind numb of Recess… Other days the ideas of the same power sounds like death… Hence Baxter fills the need.

Erg mode.


Love Baxter. Can’t handle Petit type rides where the resistance is low and never changes. I use Baxter -2 as a substitute every time I’ve got a 60 min ez ride on the schedule.

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I had Baxter today :joy:

I’ve never done this Baxter: https://www.laweekly.com/this-super-steep-echo-park-street-is-hell-on-earth-for-cars/

(sorry for troll post, couldn’t resist given Baxter is one of the steepest streets in the US)

There is “Baxter Inn” in Sydney. A lovely whiskey bar that.

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Love the variety that workouts like Baxter and Black offer. Only really do the consistent power Endurance workouts when I’m focusing on a drill.

What’s the big deal about Baxter? I’ve done it no problems on Sept 9, 2018. And I did it just with my favourite music. Time went by amazingly quickly because there are many little changes happening that maintain your concentration.

Guess you gave yourself the answer.