How hard should the "Baxter" be?

I have started the low volume SS plan.

I never did the Ramp Test, because I had a recent test value from Sufferfest. But the 3rd workout “Baxter” was tuff, and start to suspect my FTP is set to high. I have also changed trainer after the FTP test.

So how hard should the last interval in Baxter feel?
Should I be totally drained?

Baxter is an easy aerobic workout and you should not feel drained.

The Baxter is 67 TSS, 0.67 IF and 90 minutes long.

Always retest your FTP when you have a new trainer or power meter.


Yep. An easy aerobic workout.

Definitely something off here. Could be equipment or maybe you’re getting fatigued or sick. Baxter barely gets me into Z3 HR

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As above, Baxter is an easy aerobic workout. My HR might get out of Z1 for a minute or two out of the ninety.

If you look on the workouts web page and filter for 1hr30 then sort by ascending TSS or Intensity you’ll see that Baxter is one of the easiest, only a handful easier.

Might be worth doing the Ramp Test, or one of the other protocols if you prefer but be consistent. The other consideration would be general fatigue and you not recovering from previous workouts.


Retest that FTP with your new gear - do a, ramp test and you should even be able to do sometjing like Homers Nose pretty much straight after - there’s a few others that you can do after however you don’t need to.

If you don’t re- test then your ongoing workouts will not stress or push you in the right way.

You could of course just adjust it manually but that could take way more time to get it where it should be… Than ramp testing.

Just my tuppence…

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My previous trainer was of the friction type (Kinetic Rock and Roll) and I have now the Wahoo Kickr Core. Maybe this can explain why my FTP probably is wrong, or that something went wrong when I did FTP-test on Sufferfest. I don’t know.

I realise I have to retest my FTP before continue with my plan.


To be honest I’d ramp test and start again from the beginning. You may then see how those two rides compare in feel to when you tried them last time.

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If you do Baxter in fixed-gear mode (resistance mode set, constant gear, change power by changing cadence) and set the resistance/gear such that the highest intervals are at a challenging cadence (110-115 rpm, say), then the last section with its slooow power decrease is not that easy… wouldn’t say “completely drained”, but I’d certainly say I’m happy when it’s over.