Baxter on the Dumb Trainer

I was wondering if people have done Baxter on a dumb trainer without changing gears (in observation of it being a “cadence” workout)? Or are the watt ranges just too big? I suppose it depends on gearing etc, but I am curious about people’s experience.

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I’ve done Baxter only once on my dumb trainer (Elite Turbo Muin), and I use a 39 x 25-12 11 speed. I managed to do most of it in one gear with cadence between 80 and 100, and when I did change it was probably just on the low power ones where I didn’t like riding at the low cadence.

Watt ranges for me were between 175 and 275


I’ve done it. It’s almost like it was designed for the dumb trainer. I recently did -2 (which is just Baxter -30 min) in resistance mode. Took a minute to find that one gear, but I did. Once I did, I was managing roughly 150-200W between 80-110 rpm. Seems like exactly the point of Baxter.


I loved doing Baxter on my old Kurt Kinetic only changing cadence. One of the few workouts I found a lot more engaging and fun without ERG mode.


I love Baxter on my old Kinetic Road Machine. The cadence changes and non shifting is a great challenge and something worth the effort to NOT shift.


Just 5 weeks into Base Phase LV1 but have sprinkled some additional workouts here and there on days when I should’ve been outside. Baxter was one of the ones I tried early on after hearing mention of it on the forums and from Nate on the podcast. Took a minute or two to find the right gear but after that I had no trouble. I’m using the Feedback Sports Omnium trainer with a 50/34 compact and 11-28 cassette on the bike.


Today was my first Baxter. 1 gear but took the first 10mins to select the right one. 11-28 10sp cassette. Found it very manageable.
I also ride a singlespeed so I’m used to varying cadence with 1 gear which probably helped a lot


Same here. No problems on a Elite Qubo Power - managed to find a gear and stuck to it quite easily.