Just cancelled a ride because of a headache

I just cancelled a ride due to a smashing headache from my allergies. I have dealt with them for a long time and I am usually able to keep them at bay with Flonase and such, but tonight it did me in. I was looking forward to Sanford tonight.

Here in Texas we have “Cedar Fever” every spring, and a few years ago it took me out of riding altogether for almost a month, though since I’ve switched to this med, its definitely less.

Is anyone else getting the seasonal crush right now? Anyone got any thoughts for dealing with it that isn’t a “big Pharma” answer? I’m scheduled to start the shots in a week or two, and I’m dreading hearing I can’t use Flonase through the season while I ramp up the new meds.

It made me think for a bit about folks having to cancel for this type of reason, as I’ve also dealt with migraines on and off my entire life, and I’ve brought those under control with relaxation exercises and preventative meds when I feel the precursors coming on. I can usually prevent the onset, but the trick is knowing the difference between a stress or tension headache and a proper migraine.

FWIW my family of 6 just battled through allergies and some sort of head cold here in DFW. I started taking echinacea daily when I started feeling symptomatic, and was able to pull through without any issues. Not sure if your tired it before but it helped me.

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I haven’t, but my wife is a big proponent of holistic medicine and health in general and has told me numerous times I should be. I will hit it up tomorrow.

You mentioned you were told that you can’t use Flonase while you start your allergy shots but I’d ask again about that. I double checked that with my allergist (I do the drops though) and they mentioned there were no problems to do Flonase, Zyrtec, Benadryl or whatever to manage symptoms.

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I’m not certain I can’t, my GP told me she didn’t think so, and I’d have to ask the allergist. I’m glad to hear you were told you could, I’ll cross my fingers.

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Depending on where you are in Austin (or shopping preference) Walmart is probably the least expensive store to get it, though places like Natural Grocers, Wheatsville, Central Market, etc. more than likely have options as well.

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I get migraines frequently and found that Excedrin Migraine caplets will take the edge off. Most of my migraines start as sinus pressure, so sometimes when I think its coming I will take Sudafed, but if I wait too long, taking Sudafed during a migraine will make it much worse.

If you have allergies like me, Flonase is pretty effective. Forget about all the holistic crap–doesn’t work. Nothing beats science-based research and clinical trials. I’ve never taken allergy shots, but I’ve found that the combination of Flonase and an anti-histamine like Zrytec and Sudfed works for me.

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