Hay Fever with Intensity & Training

Hi. For some reason I am quite badly affected by hay fever this year (North West of England). As a result my resting heart rate is about 10% higher than normal and rides that I would have expected an average heart rate of 125 are coming in at high 130’s. Am I better forgetting about intensity until it subsides and just riding my bike.

That’s what I do, focusing on low intensity when affected, and days that I feel better I do more intense workouts. Perfect for 80/20 :grin: With anti histamines my bad days are not that many, ymmv.

Thanks. The anti histamines aren’t working very well for some reason this year

There are alternat treatments, you could talk to your doctor to get advised. Hope it works out for you. It is possible to race at a high level with the right treatment.

I also live in the NW of England and suffer from hay fever, noting the pollen count has been high in the last few days. I used to find I was more affected after a training or a race, not during it. if your not feeling 100% but not otherwise ill, treat it as just a bad day but still train as you would nornally but your output may be lower. In my opinion its not worth worrying about. You’ll have days when you’re strong, for me when its damp and cooler, which as you know if quite frequent. where we live.

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