Jump from SSBLV1 to HV too big?


i am soon concluding SSBLV1, which I have added plenty of worjouts to, ended up around 8h/week, 400tss.
Now I am wondering if I should move rather to MV (i find the IF quite high) or even HV, which offers less intense but more workouts than LV2.

I fear I might be overtraining adding lots of workouts to the already intense LV2 plan. Then again pure Z2 rides are quite boring for me as I ride almost exclusively indoors as we are in the middle of snowy winter.

what is your take for a 42y fit rider training only for fitness and health reasons, no racing planned.

thank you

The triathlon plans are a bit lower IF if you want that focus.

I find the jump from lv to mv and mv to hv are quite large. You can always try it out, but that’s a big step from lv to hv.

Another option is to go mv, and then add in one endurance session on ‘day 6’. That makes it lower IF and kind of between mv and hv.

thank you, i will have a look. here is my calendar where my workouts since starting LV in Nov are visible.

Base or build? Build HV is very doable as the extra volume during the week is Z2 stuff. Base is where the difficulty of HV lies because is 5 days out of 7 doing sweetspot and 4 of those 5 are 2hr sessions. Can you handle 12 weeks of 4 days of 2hr intense training sessions is what you should ask yourself. It’s psychologically very draining and only unless you have a definitive goal for your training will you find it not a struggle to get on the trainer. I’m not saying this to put you off but to make sure you’re prepared. Adding Z2 workouts around a MV plan is another option and what I would (actually am) go for if I have no goal. From personal experience, HV gives you way too much time of self questioning when you have no actual goal. It takes a lot of effort and you begin to question if it’s worth it. Well yes, if I knew I was racing in the season and I knew everything was going to be open again then I could convince myself I’m training for a reason.

All that said, HV will boost your FTP like no other if you recover well. And the increased time on the bike reduces your TTE considerably. You will start to notice that it takes a lot to break you. It just makes you a stronger cyclist and it becomes obvious how stronger you are when you ride with other strong groups. I would recommend anyone looking become a stronger cyclist does a HV plan at some point but you have to make preparations around your training that you wouldn’t normally because it’s a serious amount of training.

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Thx a lot. Yes, the exhaustion was tough, i actually think a massively underfueled. Now, with ok preparation, some more portions of Pasta and sustainable carbs I feel much better during the rides and after. I will think about the next step.