Jerseys for the broad shouldered

Hi all,

I’m 180cm but have freakishly broad shoulders at 58cm…yes I’m great to draft behind. M/L size makes it hard to breath and XL/XXL turns my mid section into a parachute.

Does anyone know of a manufacturer that makes jerseys for short but stocky builds?

I’m afraid I don’t.

But maybe take two tops (one L and one XL) to a tailor and explain the problem. I would imagine a tailor could sew some pleats just where they are needed?

So ‘custom fitted’ :slight_smile:

Not sure how to find a tailor in a Covid Lockdown though.

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We actually had a tailor in our town that worked on cycling jerseys if you can believe it. Unfortunately she retired early on in the lockdown last year :(.


I got some strange looks when I did it, but I have taken cycling jerseys to regular alterations tailors to be taken in. Most recently I used the same one I regularly use for my business clothing, the prior one was just a regular alterations tailor / dry cleaner. I also pinned my jerseys to get the fit where I wanted it to be in the riding position before taking them in.

I have turned several specialty club fit jerseys into more of an aero fit, which I like. Taking in a jersey should be pretty easy with the seams on the sides. I even had a skinsuit shortened vertically. They unattached the bottom and top halves, removed an inch from the top, and joined it back together.

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Nope, likely doesn’t exist. Not to mention it’s a b*tch for suits as well. So do the next best thing and a get 2 or 3XL that fits your chest and shoulders and then have a tailor taper the midsection to fit. Once upon a time I had such problems until I filled out my midsection to match. :wink: :disappointed: :cry:

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Maybe send a letter or email and see if they fancy some work during Covid?

I have the same problem…tailors are usually shocked at how much material they have to take out of suits for me.

Tailoring is the answer IMO. I havent really bothered with jerseys because…well they’re stretchy and I just buy small…shoulders will cram in there. I should start getting casual shirts tailored though…having someone take in a midsection on a shirt really is not that big a deal…$10-$20 I think. I doubt you’d have to shop around too much to find someone that can do it. Better yet…just take an older jersey you’re not too attached to and have them take their best shot at it. If it works great…if not, out $10… Tailoring only really gets pricey when you’re having someone completely rebuild something on a suit…hem pants, hem sleeves, take in waist on pants, take material out of midsection of jacket. Altering a suit runs me like $150. Probably easier to just have them build one from scratch lol…they’re already cutting every seam…