On a Baxter-only diet

I’ve been having a lot of issues with my breathing lately, most likely a result of some allergic reaction, but while the doctors and I are trying to figure it out I’m stuck with endurance level workouts only.

After seeing @Nate_Pearson’s results this year, I know that Baxter must be a good one to use. Any other suggestions of good workouts to put in? I can get up to ~80% FTP for small sections, but anything above that quickly takes all my oxygen and I have to stop.

I like either Echo -4/-5 or Colosseum -2/-3.

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Black if you only have 60 minutes.


Go to the “Workouts” section on the TR website.

Click the “Tempo” filter, and add and time boundaries you’d like.

Then you can sort by any of the options at the top.

There are 108 workouts total with the “Tempo” category, so you have lots to choose.

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108 is quite a few, that’s why I was hoping for some specific suggestions.

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That’s why you use the filters.

  • Adding a simple 60-90 min filter cuts it to 35 workouts.
  • Or 90 mins-2 hours is just 26 workouts.

Either of these is a quick scroll to see the variety and pick something that looks interesting.

I’m on a smart trainer (wheel-off), and like the power changes in Baxter for constant variety. Spent some time reviewing workouts over months, and these are on my favorites list:

  • Baxter
  • Baxter -2
  • Birch
  • Colosseum
  • Colosseum -2
  • Dans
  • Fletcher
  • Gibbs
  • Taku -1
  • Townsend

Why tempo rather than endurance?

He could do either (or both) with the filters. Baxter ranges 55-80%, so Endurance or Tempo could be fine.

I just picked Tempo for a quick example that was at the closer end to the ~80% the OP mentioned.

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When I first started with TR many moons ago Black was my go to workout.
If I recommend TR I always suggest Black as a good workout



I have a goal this year of the Sandia Peak climb in Albuquerque, HC, 13.5 miles at 8.5% with 1,000’ of respite. So I’m doing Baxter +2 at least once per week. It’s a real grinder of a climb, my PR is 92 minutes. I hope this gets me there.