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Post what ever you got to get the weekend started right! :call_me_hand:

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His :soccer::basketball: will always be WAY bigger than your FTP!

(Crazy Canuck homeboy! :facepunch::canada:)


Friday threads are my favorite! :+1:t2:

About 40 mins, but a great look into one of the most versatile riders in the world and always fun to watch.


Not cycling related but could fall under “Nutrition”… :thinking::thought_balloon::ramen::fish_cake::star_struck:

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A classic paincave:


The Matt Hayman’s view during his winter 2016 broken arm Tour de Trainer.
(the screen might be showing a non-TR cycling app but that’s not the point.)

You don’t need a plush crib to crush it.
You need to HTFU Aussie/Belgian style: pipes, cement, exposed wiring…the choice of Paris-Roubaix champs! :trophy:


Hope this is available to those of you outside the UK! Quite entertaining: I think Sara is way better at these media interviews than Geraint himself! :grin:

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“During this [training] time, I never did an interval under 400 Watts. I actually did an hour of training at 400W.”

Lionel Sanders Interview

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“I held almost 500 watts for 10 minutes…”

“I did 330 watts for 4 hours…”


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pics or it didn’t happen

Request pics here: :wink:

“360W for 2 hours”. That’s basically my 6 minute power. I can’t wrap my head around that…

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I did 300w for 30min once… :man_shrugging:

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I’m a big Chris Akrigg fan, I like his stuff better than Danny MacAskill

Was about to post a video of his the other day when people talk about how MTB needs low cadences. He’s doing some serious technical riding, but uses relatively easy gearing for quick accelerations. I think most BB’s are relatively higher off the ground now, so pedal striking isn’t quite the risk it used to be.

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This was the first Akrigg video I ever saw

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A hill is phenomenal. Just so much good and big stuff in there.

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back with a video from lionel, dropping some watts again and talking his current quality training schedule vs before

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The step ladder was for resting his arms on as he couldn’t use the bars initially :muscle:t2:

  1. How much sugar he puts on his Corn Flakes! :scream:

  2. Cramming 50 days of workouts into 21 days – he’d never last on the TR forum. :rofl:

  3. Double-double. Oh, Lionel… :man_facepalming:

  4. 4x30min @380w minimum. 4x5min @440w. 10x30s @580w. :boom::boom::boom:

  5. That sweat band and olde skool bottle cage.

  6. Wall of Mantras. :+1:

  7. WTZ?!? :large_orange_diamond:

  8. Doing extra intervals…and narrating it… :exploding_head:

My man-crush just got worse. :star_struck:

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Yup. These were pretty much my reactions! Talk about a 180 from his vegan vitamix diet.

Watching a whole lot of RedLetterMedia lately. Haven’t watched free to air in years (most of Australian TV is downright brain-dead) and I only have YouTube Red as my only subscription service. There’s some pretty good original content out there but these guys are always great to watch especially during an endurance session.