Successful and very frustrating ramp test!

Really happy, but soooo close to 400 watts. Making my eye twitch a little bit!


You might as well give up cycling now.


As they say on Slowtwich this is quite the back door brag. Congrats on the result! Now we all want to know your weight!



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Your warmup stretch is just below my FTP…:slight_smile:


As the saying goes, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades! I kid! Congrats man.

Second this

…and the power source. Judging by the graph it looks like a ERG mode smart (dumb) trainer.




Awesome. What’s your power source / trainer?

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82kg and 198cm (6’6’’), so I’m definitely not small!

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82kg and 198cm, a big guy compared to the average cyclist I’d say

Wahoo kicker snap in erg mode. I figure I loose a good percentage of power through drivetrain loss etc. But at least it’s consistent!

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Yep! Erg mode on a kicker snap! Takes the pacing side out of it. I get locked in and just pedal

This is a great result, no matter how uncalibrated the snap is, hitting those numbers can still be hard.

My Snap was overreading the external PM by a whooping 40 watts. It was upsetting because I believed having good numbers for a good while. Spent a good deal of time calibrating it to match the PM. Numbers are less inspiring, but at least I know they are close to real, I hope! :slight_smile:

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Ahhh don’t rain on his parade! Lol


No such intention, it is a great effort nevertheless.

Maybe it’s under reading by 40 W. :open_mouth:


Can I buy 50W please?

Yes - you can indeed buy watts,

@Nate_Pearson has a monthly and annual subscription model.


Kickr Snap - Oh dear!! Very likely your power numbers are way off and you’ll be in for a serious reality check when you upgrade to a direct drive trainer and or a power meter. I had a Kickr Snap and the power numbers were so far off my power meter I exchanged it. The replacement was just as bad so ended up getting a refund and buying a Hammer.

That said, so long as your numbers are consistent from workout to workout then the Snap is ok for training.

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