"It looks like you ended today’s workout early."

For my past week’s outside freerides (ie. not workouts, just unplanned rides!) that I’ve done, the survey response dialog displayed within the web app has the title “It looks like you ended today’s workout early”, which isn’t correct, and so seems like a bug has crept in…

Anyone else seeing this, or just me?


Hey there!

Are all of the rides where this happens matched up with a freeride? I checked out your account and noticed that one of the rides was about 1hr20min, but associated with a scheduled ride that was 3hr30min – which has me thinking that may be part of why you’re getting the “cut short” survey messaging.

I’ll also report this to our bug team in any case! I’ll let you know what I hear from them.

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Perhaps related, but when I have been handling the survey for outside rides (some associated, some not), this screen is sticking and I’m unable to move forward. I have to kill the tab and re-access the workout via the Calendar in the web browser again. It does capture and hold the rating, but it won’t close the dialog properly like it used to do.


Same happened to me this morning. For me it was an outside ride not associated with a TR workout. It asked me if I ended early and froze on me as well. Like @mcneese.chad once I closed the tab it saved my response.

Figure next time I just need to go further. :rofl:


@mcneese.chad @Jolyzara Appreciate the additional input – sounds like this is probably a bug. We’ll get this written up and fixed as soon as possible!

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same thing, on a 3 hour Gran Fondo yesterday…

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The last workout I did after a 15-20mins zone 2 cool down I stopped my garmin and started a new ride for the 5 mins through the park. When I got home both rides came up and the 2nd short one with “It looks like you ended today’s workout early”. Whether it was right or not I clicked other and entered some text that, it wasnt a workouut.

Only one of the four instances was associated with a planned ride, so the problem’s more general than it being a case of the actual ride being shorter than the planned ride. Seems like others are seeing the same problem now (safety in numbers! :laughing:) so looks like a minor bug has crept, in as you later mention.

Thanks for the replies.