Why don’t I get the survey?

When I am done with my ride, how do I answer the survey? Where do I find it?

Can you be more specific about the ride you are finishing?

  • Is it an inside workout performed with the TrainerRoad app or something else?

For general info, if you are having issues or questions about the TR service and app, emailing support@trainerroad.com is about the best place to start. Posting here afterwards can be useful while waiting on their response, but they have access to lots more info than we do on the forum side.

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Is there a chance that you haven’t enabled AT on your account? If it’s not enabled you probably won’t get the surveys.

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I turned off AT and still get surveys

I guess that ruins my theory… :man_shrugging:

I just performed Mooses Tooth, I’ve never received a survey after any ride. A friend of mine asked me at work the other day, he gets asked after every ride. He’s on the Android platform, I’m Apple. Is there a setting I’m missing. I just started seeing progression levels, my friend has seen them for a while.

I’m on Apple, I use an iPad for the workouts and get the post workout survey for every scheduled workout both indoor and outdoor.

In your calendar (I’m doing this on desktop) open the workout you just did and beneath the headline workout graphic you’ll see something like this but instead of “Moderate” it will say “Missing response”:


Click on “Missing response” or click on the three dots menu at the right hand side of the page and you’ll get the survey. This assumes you’ve got AT enabled on your account.

Have you contacted TR support via the email I shared?

At this point, that is your best option.

Thanks, I will

Did you manage to get this sorted? I’ve contacted support about the same issue too.

Contacting support is the best call. Everyone’s internal ride log, and app version depending upon your device, can yield super different troubleshooting steps. They’ll be happy to take a look for you.

Support sorted it for me :grinning:

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