Bug: Ride Motivation Survey

Had some issues with ERG mode today and toggled the pwm on the crank arm on off, so going to the devices screen during the workout, EVERY time I went back to the workout screen I got the “How motivated are you to workout today?” survey. Not sure if IT was causing the erg mode issue, but it sure was an extra annoyance.

So might want to put some logic in there {if workout time > 00:00:01 then kill process pre-workout survey} because too late man, I’m already working out, so that survey can just go away…

This has been happening to me too (on Windows). The survey appears when opening the workout, then I open devices to calibrate the PM and get it again when returning to the workout. I’ve just been ignoring it, but it’s annoying. And it makes me less motivated :wink:


I turned it off for this very reason.

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and because of this post I found the setting to turn it off…

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Same! Thanks @Bbt67

Bit weird to have this topic marked “solved” though, if turning it off is the solution. It’s clearly a bug.

I reported this to support about a month ago so the bug is on the list to squash.

Yeah, this is not “Solved” and should remain open until a TR rep actually gives the word that it’s fixed.

It’s solved for me, how it shows up on the kanban board is up to the dev team.

At this point in time, it’s a useless feature. One day it just showed up, and turned itself on without rhyme or reason.

The repeat nature within a single workout (which I have also experienced) is definitely a bug IMO, and needs to be addressed. So this report separate from the feature introduction & discussion is good. It should be addressed for those of us still using the feature at this time.

For anyone that hasn’t seen the related thread:

Thanks for the note on this – passing the info along to our bug hunters so we can get this solved!

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