Issues today syncing

Wondering if anyone else is having issues getting heart rate monitors to sync? Wahoo dongle. Tried different USB port. Trainer syncs right up. Heart rate monitor is no longer on the list. (Garmin Dual) Training with it Saturday on TR

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Have you tried a new battery in the HR monitor?

Assuming the trainer is also connecting via the USB dongle, this seems like an HR device issue.

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Re downloaded the app and now the trainer will not connect

Probably best to email for direct help.

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Yes my heart rate monitor dropped near then end of my workout today. Around 2:30 central time. Garmin dual. Have not tried to see what the issue is.

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I just loaded a new workout and it does show heart rate. Solar flare?

Definitely was the issue


Hey @jeff_byars!

Sounds like changing the battery did the trick?? :slight_smile: (Nvm, I see you’re getting a new HR Monitor per your other thread)

However, is the trainer and everything else working as expected?

That would probably do the trick but I have changed it a few too many times. Screws are shot. Picking up a new one on my way home from work today.
Polar H10.

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Nice! Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Will do. Thanks for your help

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