Garmin training load data not sending from TrainerRoad

Hi, I read that all the load data was being syched to Garmin so I wouldn’t have to use my Garmin head unit or watch while training with TrainerRoad.

This doesn’t seem to be uploading. Swift’s data does just fine. I’ve disconnect and reconnected my Garmin account to TrainerRoad. Did a workout 6 hours ago and still nothing.

Has this stopped or am I missing something? I use it a lot to monitor my training load and progress so any help would be grateful.

Just found out why.

You just have heart rate and a power meter/trainer power, connect through what ever app you are using.

My power was on Reiner road, the heart rate was on zwift. Changing the heart rate monitor to TrainerRoad also, should do the trick and Now should send training load to Garmin. Sweet.

Does this require anything on the Zwift/etc app?

Yes, it requires you use at least a heart rate monitor, and ideally a power meter source (trainer or power meter) for the most accurate data.

I have the same issue - Garmin displays the workout, but training load does not get updated. All data is from Trainerroad, no other apps are running - ride syncs to both Strava and Garmin Connect.

Alright, figured it out - you have to sync your Garmin device twice! The first syncs the activity to Connect and the second one syncs the activity from device to Connect, which then takes it into account when calculating training load.