Heart problem or heart rate monitor problem?

Hi, I’ve had a weird error with my last workout. After the second interval my heart rate seemed to go down for each subsequent interval. As though the VO2 sections where easier!? They dey didn’t get easier if was a tough session.
I’m using a wahoo tickr connected via ant+ to a pc
I’m assuming this is a problem with the connection.
Anyone has this issue and know how to fix it?

Another big problem I’ve got from this is that tr now thinks I’m way stronger than I actually am and has adjusted my training accordingly. It’s there a simple fix for this?

It could be really so many things but a problem.
Are you in which phase of training right now? Did you do any base training?

Just started the build section after base. I have just had a rest week and I’m recovering from a slight cold.

If you look closely at the heart data you can see sudden drops of around 10bpm where you might expect my heart rate to go up. I would say the effort felt pretty much what I would have expected, maybe a little harder but I’d expect that after being a bit ill

Might be a problem with the contacts of the heart rate monitor, especially because you mentioned that the effort didn’t feel easier and you didn’t notice any problem with your HR.

I had the same problem with my Tickr a while ago, my HR always started dropping mid workout. I contacted the Wahoo support and they send me a completely new tickr which solved the issue.

Concerning the training adaptations I don’t think your going to face a issue. As far as I know AT only considers power data an not HR. So as long as you haven’t marked the workout as very hard in the post workout survey you should be fine.

Thanks, that’s really helpful to know that someone else had the same issue with the tickr. I’ve only had drop outs before, never a lie reading. I do have a Garmin hrm too. So I’ll try that next time.

Also good to know it shouldn’t have affected the adaptive training. It did make changes after the ride, but it was the first time I’d done any VO2 work so maybe it was just that. I’d marked the workout hard, so I’m assuming that’s ok

I would try a few workouts with the Garmin HRM, especially another VO2 max workout. I don’t have a medical background however, so if you actually feel like your heart is doing something that it shouldn’t and it’s not just a faulty HR reading I would pull the plug.

I’m not a TR Pro, but I think that’s the point of Adaptive Training. If your next VO2 Max workout is a little to easy because of your previous workouts response, you’re going to mark it as just that. So then eventually AT will figure it out and find the right workout level for you. :blush:

Check the battery.

I use a polar armband for heart rate. Been using it for the last few years and have been happy with it. I don’t do a lot of max efforts anymore so my heart rate typically is higher when I get into the 165 range. Max I have seen is 173. I am 63 if that matters.

I am on a bike trip and doing some extended climbs. There was one long, hot climb that varied from 7 to 12%. My heart rate over six minutes went steadily up from 160 to 197. It wasn’t a spike but an increase over a few minutes staying mostly in the 180s. At the top of the climb I stopped for a few minutes and heart goes back down. The rest of the ride it was in the 140 to 160/range.

I can’t imagine my max heart rate is 197 but I do recall in my 20s I could get it over 200. I have never thought it wise to push to the extremes but I don’t look at heart rate data until I am done the ride.

Thoughts? Glitch in data?

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I had something similar happen and my cardiologist, who rides, diagnosed it after the fact as atrial flutter. I’d check in with a cardiologist to be safe.

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