Lost my ride after completion

Just completed a ride in latest beta. Answered post ride survey and then the app hanged failing to upload to Strava or to check for adaptations. Upon restart app has no record of me completing the ride at all.

Latest beta/TestFlight. Might someone check if it is recoverable? Or fixable somehow?

Cheers, Pete

Try support@trainerroad.com they’ve recovered rides for me in the past.

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Had this exact same problem today. I was devastated, because it was a very tough workout that I was so happy to get through.

Thankfully, if magically resolved itself after about 20 minutes.

Looked like an issue with connecting to the TR servers, but that’s just a guess.

same here. did what i thought was my harder workout all month and was excited to see how it all shook out with the effect on my training metric …lt tossed it out as if I never did it. was furious.

This is a known issue that is actively being worked on.


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