App log in problems and other problems

It seems every few months the TR app “goes bad”. It will ask to enter log in credentials and then will not recognize them, “wrong User ID or PW” although I’m using the same password/ID combo I’ve already saved. So I go through the trouble of changing password, but still won’t work. I then uninstalled the app and download the app again and this usually solves the problem. This always happens when I have limited time to get my work out in and totally screws my training time. This morning it happened again and I went through the same steps, except the app logs me in, but it won’t populate! Tech support seems to take longer than I can wait for and even the chat feature doesn’t seem to get me anywhere fast. Any similar experiences/issues here? Curious if someone has an answer.

I’ve only had this on the Windows software. Closing it and reopening usually gets me past the login screen to my account. I’ve occasionally got to close and reopen it a couple of times though. It hasn’t happened for at least the last couple of months.

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I am a Mac user. It has worked fine, but I run into this problem every few months.

Hey @GYM5825! Aaaah, definitely frustrating to run into technical issues as you are jumping on the bike. I’m looking into this for you just now. I will DM you once I have more information :+1: .

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Same for me windows app and refusing to accept login credentials. Reset password twice and no problem logging in on diffierent browsers and iphone but simply wouldn’t open on laptop - spent the entire workout tech supporting and didn’t get to ride.