App log in problem

Is anyone else not able to log into the app today? I’m not seeing any issue here yet I haven’t been able to get into the app on iOS or Windows all day. I did reach out to support…but….ya know….its the weekend.

Is it just me?

I am too. I can log in on my phone but not the IPad I use to actually work out

Thank you for letting us know! I will communicate it to the team for them to look into.

Just to confirm, are you both still not able to Log In?

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Everything is working on my end. Patric from support answered my ticket over the weekend. I couldn’t log in at all on Saturday but when I woke up Sunday everything was back to normal. I didn’t restart anything. Didn’t change anything. TR just wouldn’t log in Saturday and Sunday, everything was fine. (The forum was inconsistent for me, too.) No issues with any other apps or websites. Just TR. Really weird, but I’m back up and running just fine, now. :slight_smile:


Same here. It popped back up when I checked last night. Thanks for following up

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