ISO Advice on How to Start Time Trial Training

I’m looking for advice on how to start training for a first ever time trial. I have never done a TT before, but prefer longer, steady state efforts. I have a couple of solid years of structured training experience, and am on the final recovery week of Sustained Power Build (high volume). My first TT will be virtual, but I don’t have any specific date in mind, so am completely flexible. What advice do you have for how to train? What other training aspects (i.e. nutrition, hydration, etc) other than equipment should I consider? Thanks in advance!

Any idea of what distance you are looking at doing? That will help.

Honestly, the best way to start is to simply Do One! Go with what you know from your experience riding and give it a shot.

Someone else will find the links to all the different discussions on the podcast when the guys were going for the 40K TT. TONS of info there.

Keep it simple: just jump in and go.

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Tough to give training advice without knowing the distance.

Mentally it’s all going to be the same, you need to embrace the most amount of suck you can for the duration. There should be almost no letting up and spots where you would welcome a break you’ve gotta double down or pay double. Turnarounds, gotta get back up to speed, dips in grade or downhills, gotta keep on the power.

Sustained power and 40k TT are great for mental toughness, not an easy workout in sight, even the z2 ‘easy days’ require a lot of mental focus when you’re legs are shredded.


I’d probably start with a 10-mile but think 40km would be the goal distance.