Is using TR on your bike computer the better alternative to a Smartphone?


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I’ve found rollers and a tablet running TR good as I have a PM on that bike

In response to @bbarrera I’ve got an 820 and used it a few times to control my Direto using ERG to Pre or re ride routes before events. Worked out pretty well and I think gives a good flavour. I did it mainly to practice a couple of climbs to see how long they’d take me.

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One thing I appreciate on the Bolt is the possibility to define 3second average Watt or even 5sec, 10sec etc as a data field.

Riding on a dumb rollers the actual Watt/Power output varies quite a lot from one second to another. The data is constantly jumping. That is completely different on smarttrainers with Erg.

Having an average value helps calm my perception of the actual session.

If you drag to a prior point in the workout, for example so you can do an extra interval, it overwrites a portion you’ve already done though, so you’re doing a section over rather than adding it on. You end up losing that data completely then, right?

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Correct, stepping back will overwrite (lose) any data you go back beyond. It is not a great way to “repeat” intervals if you are aiming to capture the whole picture. It is better as a form of restarting if you have an issue like traffic, chain drop or other interruption.


Well its been awhile since I used that feature in the app… sounds like TR app only has a skip feature. Overwriting recorded data does not sound bueno.

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Yes, I’ve often used the outdoor workouts to push them to my wahoo and then use the ‘real roads’ of zwift or fulgaz to simulate riding an outdoor workout. I find this is a great way to mix it up or provide extra stimulation to certain workouts.
It also is a hack fix to erg issue that plagues my wattbike atom V2.

I started a feature request list here a few months back asking a question relating to this which was the ability to easily change a workout on your calendar to indoor or outdoor from within the app (currently you have to do it on desktop site)

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Everyone is different in what they like and dont like.

Inside I love Erg mode. It just works. Easy to hit my targets…easy to adjust on days I want to change.

My view definitely changed when I got a new smart trainer, Tacx Neo2. Definitely prefer being inside when it isnt the best outside which for me tends to be 7 months of the year.

TR outside workouts is a feature I have tried and I really am not a fan. Outside rides have other factors that impact intervals etc. Just a lot easier to go an inside ride at the recommended intervals. Outside rides for me are a lot easier to ignore TR and just go do a Z2 ride or just go do a hard ride to see what I am capable of. I dont race so an outside hard effort lets me see how I am doing.

Outside I use a Garmin 520. Havent seen a reason to get a new one yet.
Inside I was always using an Ipad but I did put the beta on my iphone so I have been testing it. The beta sucks for short intervals. Older version works better and I now stick to the Ipad for 30/15s as an example.

So to your question I actually like the smartphone to ride indoors. A big part though is my use of Erg mode and preferring to watch something on Youtube as I ride. To each his own. Nothing wrong either way.


The other benefit of using a head unit for inside rides is left-right balance, if you have pedal-based power meters and you like to see / analyse that.


I add my notes later on the workout summary page on the website. It is the same thing.

sometimes its nice to read Coach Chad’s notes, while inside…

Aha, you meant the inride notes. I meant my own remarks I add after completion

In what way does it fix the ERG mode stability? Does ERG mode work better with the head unit or is it just that you are able to use resistance mode?

Sorry I should rephrase that. It solves the erg mode issue for me in that I don’t have to use erg and can just use resistance mode and use the gears because at present it isn’t possible to turn off erg mode for trainerroad on the wattbike when using the app

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I’ve been pushing the workouts to my Wahoo Roam for use with my Wahoo Kickr, I just like the simplicity of having everything always controlled by the Roam and not having to deal with powering up a laptop/tablet everytime I want to do my workout.

However the problem I’ve encounted is with using ERG mode, I love it, but when you push the “outdoor” workout, it will always normalize the power you’re supposed to be at, see pics:

So if the power zone is 1-134w, it just makes me ride at 68w the entire interval, pretty annoying for warmup.

Is it recommended to use the app over this for ERG mode, or is this something that’s being worked on?

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Interesting, I dont use Erg so I can freely find my own power level as it suits me. Is there any chance to change these Erg settings either in the TR settings or the Elemnt app, maybe in the Roam itself? Somewhere under Sensors?
Otherwise I guess it is not being worked upon since indoor session are supposed to be done on a Trainer (erg or not) and outdoor sessions are believed not to be completed on a trainer, especially not in Erg mode.
Why dont you try to switch off Erg. It is a much better training sensation IMO

Yep this is the same issue I highlighted above - not all outdoor workouts have the recovery intervals in 1-whatever format though I don’t think?

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I know you don’t use erg, but for others power match is the big missing thing here. I would love to just use my garmin, but this is the deal killer.


I’m honestly mystified why not having Erg is a deal killer. For a couple years I used a Stages spin bike with resistance knob and power meter, never had a problem doing intervals. Did intervals outside by HR and then power+HR. Then Kickr with Erg for two years, with PowerMatch. And now a year of Kickr in resistance mode using my bike’s power meter. The Kickr is still a great trainer without using Erg.

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I agree. Having completed workouts both in Erg and Resistance I would always choose Resistance.