Consistency / Accuracy - Training Plan Adherence Metric (TPAM)

This may be a “wish list” item or I may be alone with this idea…or it may already exist.

Is there a way to compare what I actually do against my plan, over an extended period of time. I know each individual workout has the time, KJ, IF & TSS values so you know if you’ve gone as hard as you needed to for as long as you needed to. But if I under perform across a number of workouts that could be a large cumulative gap equally if I consistently over perform across a number that could indicate I need to re-test my FTP.

Is there an appetite or even a need for what I’ve nominally called Training Plan Adherence Metric TPAM?

OK If I wasn’t so busy on my turbo I could get a spreadsheet…and yes I know TSS actual vs TSS planned is on the web page calendar. But that allows me to drop TSS completely on Tuesday and add loads on Saturday - tricking the calendar’s score. Any Podcast listeners will know that “all TSS is not created equal” and to compound this it messes with the sacrosanct mantra of consistency so a weighting would need to be incorporated into the metric.

So for example if you’re with 3% of time, power & IF vs the Training Plan that, for example, counts as 100% a difference of actual vs Training Plan 4-8% counts as +/- 10% then 9%-15% +/- 20%. This will recognise the differential of a high TSS but shorter effort whilst that Workout may hit the correct TSS it will not be consistent with the Training Plan.

Outdoor with a PM would easily transfer across and in the same way as we can guesstimate as TSS we could now guesstimate at IF.

It could be calculated weekly and like CTL be a rolling average so if you slip for 1 week you return to normality and “good” behaviour your TPAM score will drift back in line.

From an app user experience it will help with honesty, there will be nowhere to hide if your TPAM score is only at 52% you you can’t blame Chad or Nate for a poor service and it’ll keep you honest with yourself, for example I soak up long hard rides so get a massive TSS boost, but would like to hide away from the Spanish Needles of the world. This would stop me “cheating” - I don’t I’m a diligent if under performing acolyte.

Suggestions, development of the concept all welcome and if Nate runs with TPAM a beer token so I can enjoy “A Beer with Chad” would be sufficient :smile:

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