Feature request: 6 week average TSS included (or CTL) in calendar view under weekly TSS

Hi, I have just had a week where my effort with TR has lapsed, and I fell quite tired. I realised that my average TSS for the last 6 weeks (winter training) of around 556 has significantly exceeded my average when racing last year. Last 2 weeks over 600.

Searching for info on CTF and ATL, I came across that there was a 6 week view of average TSS on the calendar. I must admit I had missed it. It is only available when hovering.

I would love to have that six week average, or better still a six week exponential CTL, displayed permanently under the weekly average so it is easy to judge how that is looking.

I realise CTL is a Training peaks thing. I assume you could also calculate it. Would be nice to have that if you could please

(Though I realise with hindsight it is obvious once I looked at the chart sensibly)

Cheers Phil

Chad & Co, Ignore this - I see I could have easilty seen this from the 6 week moving average line. (Doh).

But if you do decide to do something about fatigue I would be interested. I’ll search out the podcast where you talk about it.

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I was about to reply and ask how you managed to not notice the line indicating your 6 week average :wink:
They have touched on fatigue in the podcast though, but I don’t think there was an in depth discussion about how or if they would incorporate fatigue into TR.

We don’t have plans to integrate Fatigue into TrainerRoad at this time. We feel that managing all of these complicated metrics should not be something that our Users need to do if we are creating the Training Plans properly :slight_smile:

For that reason, our future developments will be focused on making the training plans even better than they already are. Our goal is to make it very straightforward for any athlete to get faster :+1:


Thanks. @Bryce Reading more the stuff on fatigue nore carefully it looks less systematic than the logic of TSS/IF and the like. As if they have stretched the model too far. So I fully understand your logic saying that is enough.

I guess i am kicking myself a bit for feeling knackered and not thinking through why… then looking for too analytical an answer… when it was staring me in the face… and telling me in my body… … :thinking:

Love the stuff you guys do. Really helps. Thanks

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