Is this week too heavy before 70.3?

I had to recreate a training plan after problems with one I’ve been filling for about 5 months. Full Ironman, low volume. Recreated with same data, race dates, and volume. I’m riding to a FTP just under 3watts/kg. Long runs are 13-18 miles. Swimming 9-13k/week. Using to track and I’m currently with a fitness of 84, fatigue of 99.

Since recreating the new plan, the load and intensity are much different than the original plan. It seems the volume is way lower than I was doing, and there’s no taper for race week. Long runs were 2:45, now they are 1:20. Long rides were 3+ hrs, now down to 2. I’m racing a 70.3 on 6/20, and this is the week of:

M: 2200 swim
T: Antelope/1:30 Sweet Spot, 96 TSS, 0.80 IF
W: 2200 swim and 1hr interval run
Th: Temescal/1:15 Sweet Spot, 96 TSS, 0.82IF
F: 2800 swim , 45min Hill Sprints run
S: Cajun/:30 bike

(This is also what the next two weeks looks like in terms of load)

Seems heavy, but perhaps I’m just overthinking it since I had to redo my training plan? Shooting for a sub-5 race.


Get in touch with - that seems off to me.

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Tapering for B races is an option you need to select in setting up plan builder.

It is fully acceptable to train through it without tapering and enjoy the race.

Regarding the run types, these can get messed up if you missed planned runs and they got pushed back. Check the text, i dont think those are what most people regard as interval runs, and I can’t see a Holl Sprints one in my LV plan.

What are you PL levels, have they changed recently and when did you last run FTP detection?

When is your full distance event?


That “week of” schedule does seem heavy…is your race actually marked as an “A” race in the calendar? if not, there will not be a taper.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t know B races didn’t taper. Performance hasn’t changed, and I run FTP tests every 30 days.

It just seemed like a very noticeable change when I redid the plan.

I can’t speak to the changes in the plan, but if you have the race marked as a B race, that is why there is no taper.

Hey there!

As @JoeX and @Power13 said, your B races on your TR Calendar won’t have a taper – only your A race(s) will.

If you do feel like you want a little less volume/intensity in the days leading into your B race, you can always use Workout Alternates to choose something a little shorter and/or less intense.

This B race will be a great opportunity to get “race day” details dialed in for your A event! Good luck and feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile: