Shout Out: Adaptive Training

Had Ansel Adams -2 scheduled today as my first workout of short power build in my CX plan. Was sick the last normal 1.5 wks of base and took recovery week very low key, so I was a bit nervous about a Breakthrough-level workout to kick off Build. Thought about swapping for a productive or stretch alternate.

But then I got on the bike and didn’t want to mess with finding a new one so I was like “whatever, I’ll just see how it goes.”

And I smashed it!!

So - shout out to AT. It’s weird that an algorithm knows what I’ve got in my legs on a given day (usually hahaha) but that felt great.

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not to rain on the parade but the algorithm knows the last workout you did for vo2 and just gave you an incrementally higher level, it has no clue if you have the legs or not, you made yourself believe, which is good! but let’s not oversell the AT lol

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No bro it totally knows!!! :wink:

That being said, it took me from 2.8 to 6.4 VO2…I guess it’s an increment, but it was definitely a much bigger step than I would have guessed I was ready for. That’s what I was most impressed by.

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That was a bug! @ZackeryWeimer

Yes this is more in line with what should have happened but unfortunately did not, see above quotes. Funny thing is praising AT when in fact there seems to be a bug in the software / plan.

If it was a bug, it worked :man_shrugging:t2: and that’s what I’m stoked about haha. Although I am curious to see if it’s a bug, @ZackeryWeimer.

@billytheconq , I commend you for smashing Ansel Adams -2 after being sick and taking the Recovery Week very low-key!

I was actually a bit surprised AT would recommend you a Breakthrough-level workout, so I did a little bit of digging with @ZackeryWeimer and the team and found that you actually came across a bug that we are currently looking into. It looks like there was another workout option that AT could’ve recommended based on your current levels following your recent VO2 training, illness, and Recovery Week.

The good lesson here is that it sounds like you took your recovery seriously, and it paid off!

Recovery is one of the most impactful parts of a training plan to be able to get faster and smash workouts! Especially if you were sick, so kuddos to you! :muscle:t2:

Here is a really nice blog post that explains why recovery is so important to be able to progress through your training: