Workout without recording power

The spin bike at my office gym has a power meter but doesn’t connect to TR iOS app over Bluetooth. It does, however connect to Zwift.

What are the pros/cons of doing a workout in TR with no recorded power (though I can see power on the bike screen) versus doing it as an “outdoor workout” in Zwift? Does this mess up AI and levels? Unfortunately, it seems like doing the workout in Zwift is better to record the power data. Thoughts?

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Let’s get you set up so you can make the most of TrainerRoad with the equipment you have. To get the most out of inside TrainerRoad Workouts, it is best to record the power in the TrainerRoad app. This is because we can analyse your workout and make adaptations to your Training Plan based on your performance during workouts. Ultimately, this ensures that your training is unique to your fitness and goals.

I’d like to make sure that we aren’t overlooking anything that would allow you to connect the power meter to TrainerRoad. If you let me know what type of power meter and spin bike you are using, I can double-check this for you.

What type of power meter does the spin bike have? What is the brand of spin bike you are using?

If it turns out that you are not able to connect the power meter to TrainerRoad, no sweat; we have a couple of options that will allow you to still make use of Adaptive Training and TrainerRoad.

  • You could complete the Workouts on the spin bike as Outside Workouts. You can use the power from the spin bike to follow the prescribed Workout.

  • At the moment, unless you tell us otherwise via the post-workout survey, we will assume that you successfully completed your Outside Workout, even if you did not use a power meter to record the Workout. Therefore, adaptations will be made to your Training Plan under this assumption. In contrast, if you were to complete an inside TrainerRoad workout without recording power, we will not assume that you completed the Workout successfully.

  • If you have a head unit (a Garmin watch, Wahoo head unit etc), you could send the Workout to your headunit and complete the Workout as prescribed. The Workout will then sync back to the TrainerRoad app, associate with the Planned Workout, and you will see the appropriate adaptations to your Training Plan.

  • Check out these articles to learn how to do Outside Workouts:

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Thanks for the reply.

The spin bike is a Precor Spinner Chrono Power. I’m not sure what the power meter is. I found some forum messages in the past from others unable to connect it to the app, so assume it just doesn’t.

Thanks for letting me know! We don’t have a Precor Spinner Chrono Power to test in the office. However, we’ve had reports of this bike being compatible via ANT. I don’t believe we have had confirmation that it works via Bluetooth.

With that said, I think it would be worth trying to see if you can pair the spin bike via ANT+ as opposed to Bluetooth.

If you are using an iOS device, you’d need to get an ANT adaptor which are available via 3rd party. If it is practical in your office, it may be easier to use a desktop and purchase an ANT USB stick.

Check out this article to find out what adaptors you need for your specific device in order to connect to TrainerRoad via ANT+.

If ANT+ isn’t an option for you, I think your best option is to complete the Workout as an Outside Workout, as I described in my previous response. If you have questions about how to do this, please let me know, and I would be more than happy to help!

The last page of the manual suggests it is SS_IDC_Chrono Power _NA_102517.pdf (

Thanks. I’ll look into an ANT+ option.

It definitely works via Bluetooth with Zwift. It doesn’t for TrainerRoad nor Wahoo Systm for some reason.

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