Automatic updates not working

My desktop app never seems to update automatically. This is really annoying as the most up to date version of the app is required to join group workouts. The last few times an update has been released I’ve had to uninstall the software then download the whole thing again and reinstall it.

Is the some way to enable automatic updates on the windows desktop app?

I had the same issue and had to force the update by downloading it from the website. Don’t know why as it has auto updated in the past until the latest update.

Probably best to contact

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Bizarre, always works fine for me BUT does take a long time to register there is an update (I think because it downloads update in background before coming up to restart). Often there ready to install.AFTER I finish a workout.

Skype used to update like this, on quit. I am not sure why Trainerroad have decided to use this approach. Surely it is better to update prior to the workout?

Our Developers are currently working to improve the user interface so that app updates are more straight forward :+1:. We apologize for the somewhat rocky implementation of the latest update.

In the meantime, as Chad mentioned, our Support Team can give helpful tips for updating within the current system. Just shoot us an email at

Windows apps can’t replace existing executable files while they are running. So you are left with three general ways to update:

  • when launching the app check if there is an update. If so stop loading the app and run the updater which will download the new version and install. (This is the path zwift has chosen, kind of a pain when your ready to start a workout and you can’t)

  • launch app and run like normal. In the background and unknown to the user (can be a separate thread) check if there is an update and if so download the installer. Once downloaded configure the app to run the setup next time the app runs. This is what TrainerRoad does. Decreases the downtime waiting on an installer to finish downloading but does make it hard for the user to know there is an update its trying to download (they said they for working on better UI feedback)

-There is also the have a separate process of some kind just running in the background checking for updates using something like bits ( like windows update. This can be great but if it goes wrong can be a bigger hassle to fix.