Is there a way to manually update progression levels?

Halfway during my workout the workout progression suddenly skipped to the end (perhaps due to a sweat drop?). It qualified as a failed workout, I chose the same workout and skipped to where I was but that was but that also qualifies as failed

Working on this between my SS ints, so will take a bit.

Worthwhile info for next time.

I believe if you open both workouts on the TR user website, you can use the 3-dots at the upper right of the white section, choose “Edit survey response” or similar to that. Then scroll to find “I didn’t struggle” or similar. After picking that, you might be able to pick from the usual 5 options.

that’s what I did but the workout got qualified as failed. Oh well i took note of the next workout in that zone and just won’t accept AT suggestions for downgrades if they come up…

Worth an email to to see if they can work some magic for you.

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I’ve had this same problem before too. An hour into Mianzimu it skipped back to the beginning when I answered a phone call. Manually moved it back to where I was but then TR assumed I’d skipped an hour and failed it. Luckily I was riding in zwift so I just deleted the TR file, then uploaded the file from zwift and manually associated it with the Mianzimu workout.

But yes, I emailed them at that point saying it was too easy to move the progress slider around in the workout if my face could delete an hour of work by answering the phone, or in your case a drop of sweat could take you to the end.

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