Recording on 2 devices?

I want to do a ride on Zwift as a precursor to a trading ride. However, I want to capture the data all in one file for post ride analysis. Can I run the TR app on my phone and record a “free ride 180” to capture the entire combined data set, while I use my iPad to run the Zwift session and switch to the TR app to do the planned workout?

What is your training setup?
PM w/ trainer?
Just trainer (which trainer)
Just PM
Virtual power

It comes down to # of connections available to connect as Bluetooth is limited to one connection per channel. If that is the case then could use something like a CABLE for the second device. Or if you have a headunit just use that to capture

Quarq PM that I use to control a Wahoo KICKR. Also need to collect the HR data off of a Wahoo TICKR

If you have a headunit I would just use that for the combined workout. Otherwise here is what I would do

  1. start TR workout and extend warmup however long you plan to zwift
  2. connect kickr to zwift
  3. connect quarq and tickr to TR
  4. when done zwifting can connect kickr to control TR and complete workout.

I think this is what you were looking to do

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Thanks; yeah, I was able to do it using my garmin to record the whole ride, and Zwift & TR to control the KICKR for the two individual piece of it.