Filter and/or remove PR's by power meter type?

We all know the Kickr is an inaccurate power source. Is there any way now or in the near future where I could filter by Power Meter used and expunge the records in which the Kickr was the source? I really would like to keep my seasons and trainer rides with my crank power meter, while removing any records that were obtained with the Kickr.

In summary, I don’t want to remove the rides, just expunge the records / PR’s based on a power source. I’d also be happy if I could just exclude the Kickr rides from my PR table.

My kickr is very close to my p1s that I now keep them on my road bike for outdoors and use the kickr core power…I know it reads between 2…3 watts higher but otherwise it’s pretty good.

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My Kickr (2018) is also very close to my Quarq, 1-3w difference.

I don’t want to get into an argument on the merits of the Kickr as a power source, in my experience, and in many other threads on this forum it’s not that accurate, especially at higher watts where the PR’s live. I’d rather base my future training goals on a solid metric from a higher-end power meter, that’s all.

Would be awesome just to exclude them, the data is there, it’s just a matter the tool allowing the removal or exclusion.

I actually agree with the ability to filter a power meter. I went through a whole lot of individual workouts to cancel my Tacx vortex power readings from showing up in personal records because it read around 10-20% than my p1’s.
I had a very inflated FTP for a whole year!!

You can do that but only on a ride by ride basis by editing the ride and then unchecking Personal Records:

Bit of a pain to have to do that every time, and even worse to have to go back and do it for every ride you did on the trainer.


Thanks, that is helpful, I might just remove the rides manually, but there’s a lot, and if I exclude one, another one will take its place. Might be worth it, but I’m going the TR guys can help with an option or maybe it’s something that could be included at a later date.

Cool. Yes it would be a good option to be able to look at indoor and outdoor PRs separately.


I would agree and do just that myself. The Kickr is very consistent and it is about 1-2 % higher than my P1 pedals so I leave the pedals on the outside bike. I can live with that difference against the benefit of not changing pedals regularly.

I’m pretty confident that most of the kickr power problems are down to user error. GPLama, DCRainmaker, etc have all had good results with them. As have I. Saying ‘they are trash’ like it is a fact is just wrong.

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My Kickr and Quarq are within 1-2% but my 4iii precision left side reads about 5-10% lower.

At no point did I use the word trash… we’ll just agree to disagree, power measurement on the Kickr is not a fine art.

Kickr are great for Zwift racers though, understate weight by 10% with a gracious extra 10% power reading from the Kickr and it’s the making of an A-Grade e-racer!