Is there a way to cap the maximum wattage for a workout?

I am doing fine with the Threshold and lower intensities, I struggle a bit with the VO2Max intensities but getting there. The Sprints are impossible on the trainer at the moment: is there a way to cap the maximum wattage?

I realize that I can reduce the intensity and sometimes I drop the workout intensity to 95% for VO2Max. But it’s hard to do for 10/15-second sprints or even counterproductive when they come at the tail-end of another interval (say Threshold for the sake of the argument).

Download the Workout Creator app. Through that app pull up the workout you want to revise. Using the functions in Workout Creator one can customize the workout however desired. In your example that would be to reduce intensity and/or duration of sprints. I usually give the customized workout a new name to differentiate it when it is accessed later. Upon completion click on “Publish” in lower right. Allowing the required time for your revised workout to upload you can then sign on with the TrainerRoad workout app. Click on Workouts in the menu choices, then click on Custom which will be the last alternative in upper left on the display. There you will find your revised workout. When loaded, it will run exactly as you revised it earlier. I’d guess the help desk has a boiler plate “how to do it” instruction document for this process that will make more sense than my account. (Among all the cool things that come with TR is the most committed and effective help desk operation I have encountered.)


Most trainers have a max wattage, e.g. 2000 watts for the Tacx Neo.

So the way I look at it is if I get my FTP to 2000 watts, then the sprint bursts can’t hurt me no more.

Brilliant. I didn’t know about that. I’ll give it a try.