TR Workout - way to raise mimimum watts in workout?

Is there a way in TR to raise the recovery resistance between intervals? Right now they just go too low for my taste, it’s hard for me to spin at that low resistance, and I’d like ‘raise the floor’. Anyway is there a way to put a ‘guardrail’ as a lower boundary for power output?

Maybe the same question on the high end power? Minimum interval length? ( Here I don’t want to spin up the flywheel on the trainer and then have to wait for it to wind down unless it’s for a real interval )

If you are using a simple resistance trainer, or smart trainer in resistance mode, just set your own power, via shifting on the bike or adjustable resistance setting if applicable, and ignore the prescribed power target blocks.

If you are using a smart trainer in ERG mode, you can make some quick adjustments with the Workout Intensity setting. You can raise or lower based on percentage adjustment of the current target. It allows up and down adjustments at 1% increments:

If you want to have the workout be fully defined without using the adjustment above, you can use the Workout Creator to clone the workout, make your desired changes and publish it for your use. This would need to be done for each and every workout that you want different power targets.

Using a Kickr. Want to use TR workouts without having to touching the buttons.

The short, hard intervals aren’t so much of an issue on the Kickr as they were on the Cyclops Hammer, as it would just spin forever.

  • OK, but which trainer mode?
    • ERG, Resistance, Standard?
  • If ERG, your only option is to use the Workout Creator and modify any/all workouts to your liking.

  • If Res/Std, use the shifting I mentioned in my first reply and ignore the default targets to hit your desired levels. Or you can edit the workout like I describe for ERG if you want the power targets to your levels.

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Do the workout in a lower gear. Flywheel will be spinning slower which means it winds down quicker and will be easier to push against at low power. Though I have a Kickr and even in a high gear it’s pretty responsive anyway. About the only time I really notice that the flywheel is “getting away from me” a bit is in the few seconds after high cadence form sprints e.g. in Pettit+1 where there are a couple of short bursts at 180% FTP where I’m spinning up to maybe 130rpm so the flywheel has a lot of momentum to shed. Regular intervals are fine, even short shorts.

No real training benefit to doing your recoveries at a higher power. When the recovery is down at 40% FTP it’s because the intervals are hard and you’re supposed to be recovering not working.

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