Is the podcast live on youtube today? (Thursday March 4 2021)

I dont see the usual thread with the podcast topic and number, but Nate and others have mentioned specific things they have to announce today so i assumed there was one happening. Are you guys doing youtube today and if so what time?


Yes, I was looking forward to it too, but no sign. Seems quiet in here too.

Maybe they’re still hungover after last week’s “champagne with chad”
Maybe AT has brought down all Trainerroad’s infrastructure
Maybe {insert skynet reference here}
Maybe something else

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Also looking, Thanks for posting so I know I didn’t miss it or something.

I am also online expecting a live cast… 🥲

They’ll be back


Mic drop after last week :raised_hand::microphone:

Based on Nate’s comments in the Adaptive Training thread, there will be a podcast today on Polarized training, more AT information, and possibly new TR plans that bridge the gaps between the volumes currently on offer.

Normally it would start around now (8 a.m. Pacific), but it hasn’t shown up as live yet. Might just be a technical snafu as they get the stream up and running this morning.


I bet it’s gonna happen later today, maybe even abbreviated…they are probably at a “Go/No Go” with the next invites to the closed beta and are trying their best to have the “Go” today and not delay until Monday.

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Or nobody can find the tub of hair gel.


That can’t be it…Jonathan makes his own gels in bulk! :blush:

I’m just jealous, I haven’t had a need for hair gel in years!


I reached out over the IG channel, and they said it is being recorded and will be released ASAP after they are done.


Recording and then releasing??? So they can edit before release? Could that mean a “Guest” that they want to make sure doesn’t say nasty things while live on air, like a certain guy that gave a negative view on TR?


They already said that they were going to discuss the video on last weeks episode. So thats not really news is it? 100% willing to bet that there will be no guest though.

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I doubt it.

If that certain guest had nasty things to say, they would have been said in their video, and if Nate had a hunch that that someone would say those things on air, they wouldn’t have been invited. This isn’t Jerry Springer, it’s two people who perhaps think differently about training, not two people that have a beef against each other to hash out


I dont think DJ would come on a trash TR if invited either, pretty sure they could have a civil debate. But I still doubt that’s gonna happen, or even needs to happen.


Today’s podcast features the usual crew, but it’s a dense deep dive into some complicated science, and we felt it could benefit from the increased flexibility of pre-recording. Look for it sometime later today.


Of course I would never foment rumors just for the sake of so doing…deepfake? :smiley: Maybe we’ll see DeepFake Dylan & Alex professing their love for the new Adaptive Training Beta?


I bet they are struggling with the costumes required now:


I don’t care if it’s pre-recorded or live.
Maybe they are pre-recording because of the fact, they want us to all to understand it correctly and not to say anything, that might “blur the waters” of how it works.

Anyway, whatever they do, I’m going to love it, because I trust everyone in TR.
The way TR works, the people, the platform, everything - they do it for us.
The want to MAKE US FASTER!
If anyone doesn’t understand that, then I am truly sorry.


Has anybody else been refreshing the podcast feed every 15 minutes?

No? Just me, OK :+1: