Is the new SL7 fork the same fork as the Venge?

Hi all,

Now that the Venge is being decommissioned, I am curious how specialized plans on treating replacements for the frame, specifically for the fork.

During racing, I know people who have damaged their forks and had insurance pay for a new one from the manufacturer. Now that the Venge line is killed, would damaging the fork basically total the bike? I am wondering if the fork on the Venge is the same as the fork on the SL7 so in the event something damages the fork, Specialized would be able to issue the SL7 fork without compromising the handing or aero specs of the Venge.

Sorry if this is an odd question, I haven’t seen it posted anywhere else on the internet, and I don’t really know much about fork specifications. Figured i’d post here to see if someone knows more than I do.

I don’t know if the forks are the same but I suspect 1 of 2 things will happen:

  1. they will have (may still have) spares of certain parts to deal with warranty claims etc. This may include frames and/or forks

  2. when they have no spares left (this may already be the case) then they’ll offer the next closest equivalent frame

I studied the pictures of SL7 vs Venge during launch and visually it seems at least the lower portion of the Venge fork (where the axle goes into) has a much wider side profile so I would say that they are not identical.