Is the 2020 Wahoo Kickr V5 no longer user serviceable?

2020 Kickr V5 now “auto calibrates”. In the Wahoo app, on the Android platform, they’ve completely removed the "spindown function’ so you can no longer perform a standard Spindown let alone a “Factory Spindown”.

My understanding is that a “Factory Spindown” is required if the belt tension is altered in anyway. If you change your bearings, adjust your belt or perform any service that requires a “Factory Spindown” you’re out of luck.

Right now you can still perform a factory spindown if you have an iOS device but who knows for how much longer. If that changes, are these new Kickrs rendered unserviceable by their owners?

I purchased a Kickr because I liked the more mechanical aspect of them. Being a home shop machinist I was confident I could repair any non-electrical issues down the road should they arise. If Wahoo is eliminating the ability of the user to do something as simple as changing the bearings them I’m going to have to go with a Neo, where there are no accuracy concerns after a bearing change.

Very curious to hear other people’s thoughts or experiences with this.

If it does auto calibration why would you need a spin down?