Kickr '18 Spindowns aren't being suggested anymore

I have a Kickr '18 in good condition that I use roughy 3-4 times a week. It seems like the Kickr has stopped suggesting spindowns roughly at the end of 2021. Prior to that, I would say that it had been suggesting a spindown calibration about every two weeks. Nothing else about the Kickr seems off - all systems are go and it’s producing the expected data. However, this model doesn’t tout the zero-calibration algorithm of the Kickr '20. I looked at all available firmware update release notes for my model and nothing suggests that the zero-calibration algorithm is now available for it.

I’m concerned that the lack of spindown required prompts might point to some other underlying issue. My question is for others who also have the Kickr '18 - did you experience my issue over roughly the last 5 months? Is this systemic to the entire Kickr '18 crop? For a fuller picture, I’m using the Wahoo’s own app off an android tablet.

Sounds like a question for Wahoo support, since it relates directly to their own app.

Regardless of any recommendation or absence there of, sticking the general info of calibrating roughly every 2-3 weeks if the trainer and bike are in the same environment, or anytime you change environments is a fine practice to apply.

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I have a Kickr '18 - I also ride around 3-4 times a week but I conduct a spin down before each ride. I think I’ve received a notification once in the past three years to conduct a spin down prior to riding so not sure what the underlying issue might be. For what its worth, Wahoo has a pretty good support team and they tend to respond very quickly to queries, might be worth asking them about it. Considering they rolled out the climbing pages function on Elemnt Bolt/Roam after a few years (and seem to have more functionality in the pipeline) they might include a firmware update for the zero-calibration functionality that newer Kickrs have.