New Kickr calibration failure


Just brought home a Kickr (2019) model and its continually failing the calibration. It will let me spin up, then tell me to stop, and invariably at some point during the spin down it says “failed unexpectedly”

Looked through a couple other posts, updated to the Beta version of TR and still happening. Anything else I should be trying?


Some basic questions:

  • Are you using a desktop or mobile device, and which exact device?
  • Are you connected via Bluetooth or Ant+? If you are using BT, have you tried Ant+? And vice versa?
  • Do you have the Wahoo app? If so, have you tried calibrating with it? If not, you should get it and try
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I am using Desktop; windows computer. Connected via Bluetooth.

I have the Elemnt app. Didn’t think to connect through there but will give it a shot. Thanks.

There’s a separate utility app for the kickr. On an android phone it is white with a blue square that says whaoo and has a crossed hammer and wrench. Search “wahoo utility” in whatever store you use.

I had a similar problem and used the app to fix it. I think I had to do an advanced spindown but it fixed the problem and I haven’t seen it since.


I second the recommendation to use the Wahoo app for calibration.

For a new setup, I’d start with an Advanced Spindown, then a regular one.


Got it, I’ve got an iPhone, but maybe will grab my android tablet and give it a go. Thanks!

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Awesome, will check it out. Thanks!

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The exact same Wahoo Utility exists for iOS - just grab that.


Do you mean the gen 5? It’s not supposed to need calibrating. I did mine out of habit. It failed through TR twice so I did it through the Wahoo utility app and it was fine there. You’ll also see if it needs any updates in there too (which it probably will if it’s out of the box).


Sorry you’re dealing with these calibration issues. If you want to reach out to TrainerRoad support (either by emailing or submitting a request online), they can help you check if there’s a potential firmware update for the trainer or an issue with connectivity they can help isolate!