Wahoo Kickr v5 autozero does not work

Quite normal malfunction of tension belt mechanism, I must change gasket and screw (Wahoo still doing this badly).
No chance to set the same belt tension. So I tried to find, if autozero works. Results…

Kickr works fine before, now I have +5% to Assiomas Duo. Zero auto zero during this ride :frowning:
Then I use Wahoo Utility (available only on Android) and factory spindown with 200W@10min warmup and restore Kickr powermeter.

IMVHO autozero isn’t working and two spindown methods should back to app. Has anyone else tried to check it out?

How are you trying to do the zero offset? I thought that didn’t do anything anymore now it’s meant to auto calibrate?

Spindowns during ride should do autocalibration (autozero). 10 minutes of riding and zero effect of autocalibration.

Gotcha :+1:

Not sure what you describe is proof that the auto zero isn’t working though.

In my opinion you would always have had to do a full factory spindown calibration rather than just a zero after messing with the belt.

As a test next time you ride make sure you dont let the kickr auto zero for the first 15 mins then let it do one by coasting - then see if it makes any difference to the offset.

For what it’s worth I have been able to observe the kickr changing its offset wrt my favero pedals after a period of coasting so it does work in my case.

Yes, I know factory spindown is needed after messing with belt. But Wahoo removed this methods from Ios apps and claimed, that I dont need them anymore. In other topic there is interesting graph with temperature drift and zero autocalibration effect.

Yep unfortunately I’m very aware of that other thread :joy:

Agree that the auto zero has no effect on whatever is causing that drift - makes me think it’s actually the temperature compensation algorithm that’s wrong and the zero offset doesn’t change it :man_shrugging:

You should still be able to do the factory spindown on iOS though? I don’t use iOS so cannot test it.

EDIT: does this still work on ios?


Thx, option is available on ios.

Here’s a test of the autocal/spindown with an early release firmware last year:

That’s screwing with the Kickr to make it read silly watts high… coasting to 0W… then pedalling again… and it comes back into line. iirc the Kickr5/2020 needs a few seconds of coasting for the autocal to kick-in.

7s with latest firmware is less then few.

I’m not understanding this “Auto-calibration” feature. From what I’ve read, and what Wahoo has said to me (essentially: don’t touch anything) is that the belt tension is intimately related to the auto-calibration. My assumption is that these trainers need to have a ‘factory spindown’ after belt tension adjustment.

That’s fine but it looks like Wahoo is eliminating the ability of its users to do that factory spindown (its totally missing from android platforms). If that’s the case how can users change the bearings or belt themselves after the 1 year warranty period is over if they can’t perform a factory spin down. It appears it’s still available currently via iOS but who is to say it won’t be removed like it was from Android.

If Wahoo is locking me in and forcing all bearing service to be done through them in the future then I’ll switch to Tacx.