Is it possible to pause a plan?

Currently I have cold and flu symptoms, waiting on Covid results. Is it possible to hit the pause button so I don’t lose the workout flow?

You can use the “push week” function on the calendar. This will push all of your planned workouts forward. I know you can do this when looking at your account in a browser, not sure if the android or IOS apps can. Look for the three dot symbol next to the week number to find this. Note that this only works for subsequent weeks and not the current week. You will need to manually copy and paste those workouts if this applies to you


YIIIIKES sorry to hear you’re under the weather. You can us the ‘Push Week’ feature like @biberg advised, however, I’d advise against that.

If you have ‘flu’ like symptoms (Covid or not), this will:

  1. likely take far longer than just a week for you to be fully recovered, and
  2. will mean that when you jump back into your plan, you likely wont by physically ‘ready’ to just pick up where you left off without digging yourself a massive hole.

Maybe just put training on hold for the time being, Im sure you want to hold onto that plan you’ve curated, but you can ultimately create a BIG delay in recovering and in getting faster by jumping right back in.

Take care of yourself!!! :heart:


I’ll second that. I got covid over Christmas so have cleared all of January and restarted my base plan from 1st Feb.
Between now and then I’ll just bimble about in Z1-2 based on how I feel each day.


Anything longer than a cold with a short break takes you off track. Depending on what you are training for you are probably better off re-starting the current block after easing yourself in with a ‚rest week‘.

Closer to an event pushing everything forward might not make sense. Then i would ease in with a rest week, re-test and pick up the plan. If you pick up late in a block adjust the test result by 1-2% down because of the progression in the block.

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I tested positive. It will obviously take longer to recover than I had hoped. The best course is probably cancel the plan and start back when I am ready to train again.

Thank you all for your help

Oh noooooooo. Im so sorry, Brad. Rest easy and take care of yourself, training and gains will always be there on the other side of this, no rush. Hang in there!


If it’s any consolation Brad. My enforced layoff has done wonders for my general energy levels. Actually spending two weeks doing absolutely nothing to enable my body to fight the virus has meant that now I’m venturing out for rides and even a run, my legs feel incredibly light.
I also used it as an opportunity to quit alcohol. Felt like I was doing something positive towards my training even whilst I lay in bed.


I’ll start with the positive… I took my first shower this week! Ha feels great. I feel much better. My legs are definitely ready to pedal, my lungs not so much.

This virus was so weird. During the first 3 days every inch of me hurt and every injury I’ve ever had hurt. Neck, back etc. I haven’t been in the saddle for two weeks and I had 4 saddle sores become inflamed! I never sat down for the first 3 days because it hurt to sit or lie down.

Anyway I’m on the up!

My main symptom was overall muscle soreness, like I had doms all over. Weird!
I’ve just got in from a run. Went longer and further than I ever have and it didn’t even feel taxing.
People really shouldn’t be so scared of taking a break.