Pause a plan created via plan builder


I’ve created a plan via plan builder and I am 3 weeks into the second block (out of 6) of the base phase.

I am going on vacation for a couple of weeks and I would like to pause or push my training during that time.

Adding a time off annotations is not exactly what I want because it merely cancels the workouts without actually pausing the plan. It means that by the time I am back, the plan would have switched into the build phase and I would have lost 15 days worth of sweet spot workouts which is not great because I’d have lost some fitness after my break.

I can not just cancel my plan and create a new one because I have completed the first block of the base phase.

I do not want to just add specific phases to my calendar because the plan builder has this useful feature that let me set days of the week when I want to work out (I want my rest day to be Friday instead of Monday).

What’s the best way to pause my plan and restart where I left off?