Is it Possible to do a good base Indoors

Hi Everyone.

Heading into winter and wanted views if it is possible to do a good solid base for Road Cycling indoors using TR
7-9 hrs a week and also which workouts from TR are best for this
Any assistance will be appreciated


Yes you absolutely can. Follow Sweet Spot Base 1 & 2 mid volume.

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Actually, trainer rides are worth about 1.5x outdoor rides:

  • No stop signs
  • No stop lights
  • No traffic
  • No down hill sections (even if very slight)
  • No drafting
  • Nothing to interfere with putting out the watts for the entire ride
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Last year starting Oct 1 2018 to July 2019 did almost all of my training inside. SSB - Power build then I tried to switch into Specialty middle distance triathlon.

This year I have started with the HV Long distance Triathlon base. every 2nd week their is a long 3 to 5 hour training session. Today I went out to do 5 hour ride outside rather than spin 4 hr 45 min. These are not difficult sets from a power point of view. Like the other poster stated. Hard to find a long section of road that allows continuous effort, like the indoor trainer. My intention still is to go outside if the ride is longer than 2/1/2 hours. I did manage to find a long stretch to allow the aerobic effect of a long continuous WO. On the trainer not an issue!!!

Actually, this is up for debate.

The lower the power the closer to 1:1 the rides will be. If you are doing a Z2/Trad Base the difference might be <10%; higher if you’re doing Z3/SSB.

Refer to your own ride data and figure out what it is for you, instead of taking some over-used internet number as gospel.

I would say it’s good to also do outdoor rides (if possible) so you can learn how to make them just as efficient as an indoor ride. That’s going to make you a better rider on the road and it’s something you don’t learn on the trainer.