Is half of a Maurten 320 the same as a Maurten 160?

I ask because buying Maurten 320 and splitting them in half is more economical than buying Maurten 160. I’m assuming I can save half for use a day or two later.


  • Maurten 160: 18 per box * 40g carbs = 720g carbs / $42 per box = 17.14g carbs per dollar
  • Maurten 320: 14 per box * 80g carbs = 1120g carbs / $48 per box = 23.33g carbs per dollar

There is a slight difference.

320 kcal
79g carb of which 33g Sugar
.5g Salt

39g carb of which 13g sugar
.4g salt

Thanks! Just ordered the 320

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Since you like things on a per-dollar basis, as I do (understatement):

A thread I contributed to:

An article I wrote:
Saving Money as an Endurance Athlete

An amazing website I have nothing to do with:


Thank you! Great resources.

Heres a question.

Can you stack two maurtens into a 1L bottle?

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Yes, so long as you maintain the ratio then it’s fine.

I reached out to them recently to ask about making a concentrate and then diluting on the go for Ironman distance events. They recommended mixing 3 sachets in 750ml of liquid (one at a time with 250ml of liquid to ensure that it all mixes and can be marked off in the bottle) and then mixing 250ml of this with an extra of 250ml at each aid station/when you get more water.

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Doing Unbound and want only water in my hydration pack

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Nah, 320 has less of the ingredients that make the hydrogel per gram of carb than the 160. If you use half a 320 you’ll get a weak hydrogel and you’ll defeat the purpose of the Maurten tech