Supplements or Cheaper solutions to push harder

I was told to ask here so this could be put on a podcast: I am looking to supplement my training cycling rides with the brand:

If I wanted to save money could I use honey and maple syrup? Or just eat a banana before and during the training? I want to really make the most of my indoor training.

And many more on forum.

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Short answer, yes.

Long answer - finding ideal nutrition is a deep, deep wormhole where people obsess, use shaky science, and ignore the fact that individual body chemistries vary widely.

Using a good drink mix (and the Maurten is a good one) is the easiest way to get fast acting carbs that are easy to digest, but there is nothing wrong with getting your carbs from high carb low fiber fruits , honey, maple syrup, or even sugar water. Read the threads on making your own drink mixes and you’ll find lots of ideas on the best recipes.

I remember my old tri coach in college (who moved onto Olympic training), in a thick British accent, “on your hill climbs today, put a big dallop of honey in your water and it’s like f**king jet fuel for the back half of the workout and you’ll be descending faster than a greased weasel”

I don’t think he’s changed that up either. Honey is cheap and delicious. If it works for Olympians it’s good enough for me. Don’t need to make it complicated :grin:


Gatorade powder.

Most granulated sugar bags are less than a dollar per pound at your local supermarket.

But it’s close to 1:1 fructose:glucose instead of 1:1.08 like the fancy stuff, so you might not win le Tour on it.

Eat food you enjoy