Whats wrong with Threshold WO levels?

Hi all,

My career states a level of 1.0 for Threshold (and 1.6 for SS). Right from the start of my plan a Threshold workout with level 2.5 (Stretch) was assigned for first week. I just keept doing the first two workouts (SS, level 2.0) with no issues but there were no adaptations popping up for the Threshold one so this did not look right to me.

I reached out to the support and they said 2.5 was choosen based on my SS-level which should support the Threshold one. Well, SS was 1.6 at that time. As no equal alternatives were available (even support confirmed there are no real alternatives to my workout) it was recommended to try the 2.5 and reduce intensity.

Well, I did try and reduced intensity so far to keep it threshold-ish but had to bail out after 58min (of 90min planned).

TR-Career level remained at 1.0 and the future TR-workouts were not adapted and remained with increasing difficulty (next one should be a 2.9 …).

So I tried to adapt one of the existing workouts (via Workout Creator) and choosed Buttertubs +2, Threshold level 1.6. I bumped up the intensity for a couple of percents to have at least all peaks in 95%-range and what happened? Same workout (overall time, intervall and recovery lengths) with inrcreased intensity resulted in a decreased level 1.5!?!

Any idea whats going on here?

I dont mind the 0.1 difference but it leaves a strange overall impression, also considering the planned 2.5 workout right from the start.


My guess is that they don’t have anything below 2.5 that fits the goals of your plan and that’s why it was assigned - you can check alternates for the assigned workout and see if there’s anything with a PL lower than 2.5 to confirm.

This is because you were unable to complete the workout - when you cannot finish it does not progress your PL

This seems like a mistake/defect - perhaps related to response above about no workouts existing at an appropriate PL - worth emailing support about this part

PLs for custom workouts don’t work the same as PL for TR workouts - something to do with how warmup and cooldown are incorporated - but you can’t compare like to like with a custom workout and one of their workouts

Bunch of weird stuff going on for sure

All that said - if you cannot complete a 2.5 PL at threshold I’d strongly recommend you just swallow the painful medicine and lower your FTP


100% this… if you are failing a 2.5PL threshold workout, you’re doing vo2max. Some of the 2.5 level WO’s look achievable with FTP set way too high, but not all of them. They should be uncomfortable, but you should never need to stop.

I would have agreed that my FTP is set to high if the Level was within range (so something from 1.0 - 1.9ish) but 1.5 points higher than my level does not seem to be right at all.

Not sure if Trainerroad shifted its training structure but I´ve done several plans before and never had a “strech” workout in my calendar.

But too cut a long story short: will probably need to do do a FTP test once more.

@trpnhntr laid it all out correctly here.

Those 2.X Threshold workouts are the lowest our Sweet Spot Base plans will go by default. Custom workouts (even if they’re just slightly modified TR workouts edited in the TR Workout Creator) don’t always integrate nicely with Progression/Workout Levels, so we wouldn’t recommend using those to try to manipulate Progression/Workout Levels.

It looks like your last FTP adjustment was done manually – if it’s been a while, we’d recommend using AI FTP Detection or doing a Ramp Test to confirm your FTP is accurate if you’re having trouble getting through the 2.X Threshold workouts.