Is anyone documenting their journey?

Another week of successful training and mostly successful nutrition, but still a long way to go…

I’ve added a blog entry about my recent Shanghai Ironman 70.3 race. A short summary is as follows:

Swam like a idiot, biked fast with quite a few cheaters, peed myself on the run, missed World Champs qualification by 2 positions. Good day all round!


Oh man. Congrats. But you think a 70.3 is an all-out race? It’s something I always say about the sprint distance (and like about it). Having never gone longer than 70.3 (and having raced the middle distance just 3 times in my 25 triathlons), I find it really long and certainly not balls out from gun to tape. I’m not nearly as fast as you (up to 36 km/h and 4:48 run pace in a half), but I suspect the same can be said about our respective performances in shorter distances :slight_smile:

That’s a fair point @kajet! I suppose ‘balls out’ is relative in this case. I was looking at it from the point of view of an Ironman-distance race, where the early stages of the bike feel like an easy Sunday morning ride! It’s hard not to think of effort being the maximum I can sustain over the entire race distance rather than just hammering it these days.

For true balls out, I do enjoy a good short duathlon or 10k road race.

Living in Japan, a trip to the hot spring is always a good balls out option as well! :grinning:

I started writing a blog this week. It’s about how I picked up cycling in my late twenties (in Sweden) and ended up riding at elite level and living in Guatemala:
I think it’s fun to write down memories and thoughts and it’s also a great way for me to practice and improve my English. Still struggling with feeling egocentric :slight_smile:

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After racing for almost 10 years, only taking it marginally seriously for most of that time - I finally earned my first win this weekend!

I have restarted my TT training at 60+ blog - I have a new found enthusiasm after a bit of a break during summer last year

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A tiny bit off topic but just wondering:
for those who are documenting their journey, how many visitors/views do you get per post?
I think you document it mainly for yourself but I do wonder about the response/feedback/views you get from people outside of your social circle.

So if you have any stats on that, could you please share it with me?

I get between 300-500 page views a month. Granted since I haven’t done much in 2 years, it’s slowly declining.

Just updated my blog. I’ve been slacking on writing.